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About Me: Hello my friends I am a singer from Scotland who has started a fantastic U -Tube experience at the end of January 2011. If you are wondering why it says February 2010 that is when I uploaded my own song U Turn. Myself and my Son decided after I got rejected from Britains Got Talent to try and make some Videos for U- Tube. After the response of the first video we decided to try and get some more on.

I think we have proved to ourselves that I was maybe worthy of a chance to perform to the Judges. Obviously you have all sorts of doubts about your ability when you get rejected, and no one more so than myself. I am really delighted the way things have gone and I have made some wonderful friends along the way. I think the reason I may have got a knock back from BGT is my association with Elvis.

I understand this as there are at least 200,000 Elvis Impersonators in the world and I can assure everyone that I am not one of them. I know I have very similar tones to the King but I am just singing in my own Voice. I know there will be the doubters but that is just life. The following message for me puts to bed any comparison to an Elvis impersonator and I feel very moved to have received it.

I have displayed this message from Elvis Presley's high singer Kathy Westmoreland who toured with the King in the 70's. She was so kind to send me it in reply to a song I sent her.

The song was "Stand By Me" A fantastic Gospel song.

Her response to the song is below.

kwestmoreland100 Re: Dave Lennard

Dear Dave,
You "got" me with this one. You sang it perfectly. Gently, not forcing your voice, NOT IMITATING anyone (though I can tell who influenced/inspired you). Beautiful rich quality to your voice, and love you how sing softly so easily. That is one of the most difficult things for a singer to learn. It's easy to scream...but very difficult to use the voice delicately and still balance your your voice from the diaphragm without pushing it hard. Wonderful. Thank you,

Kathy Westmoreland. Sent to: davelennard

If you have managed to read this far I thank you truly and I really hope you enjoy my Videos. I plan to get many more songs on very soon

Kindest Wishes
Dave Hometown:GlasgowCountry:United KingdomInterests:Singing,watching golf,keeping fitMusic:Jonny Cash,Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison,Pavarottti, Van Morrison,Paul McCartney,PJ Proby, Frank Sinatra,Andy Williams, Michael Buble,Gospel Music Various new and old country music